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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fun with children-

As most of you already know, son Noah is about to graduate on December 1 from the Clearfield Job Corp after training for 20 months as an automotive technician. The Job Corp has an active and apparently capable job locater program for its graduates and so the boy has been out for a couple job applications already and is expecting more in the next few weeks from in and around the Ogden and Salt Lake City area. Except that now he thinks that maybe working every day changing ball joints and brake pads and timing belts might just not be that much fun...

Last night at dinner he announced that he would like to go to Fiji and find work! How he decided on Fiji, I have no idea. I don't think even he knows. But he thinks it might be an adventure and that surely there must be some place for him to find mechanical work and that he would be willing to trade snowboarding in Utah for surfing in Fiji.

So, we talked about it. We looked at the link from the previous paragraph. We discussed what kind of work he might find. We discussed how far away it would be to come and visit our grandbabies should that circumstance occur while he's living there. We looked at the Request For a Permit to Reside in Fiji.

Since it appears that he needs a job promised before applying to stay there more than 4 months, he thinks he might have to go visit to check out the possibilities of long term work. In spite of the oddity of his short notice intent, he could do worse than living on a tropical island and making his own way on the edge of the world. I suppose there is plenty of time to settle down to a normal, mundane life of 8:00 to 5:00 working.

His mother says if he goes, she wants to go too...

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